Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 release)
1. Car device
1.1. General information about the car
1.2. Passport data
1.3. Car keys
1.4. Governing bodies
1.5. Heating (conditioning) and ventilation of salon
1.6. Doors
1.7. Seat belts
1.8. Seats
1.9. Rear-view mirrors
1.10. Illumination of salon
1.11. Antisolar peaks
1.12. Back ashtray
1.13. Cowl
1.14. Control lever transmission
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in way
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Wheels and tires
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Advice to the beginning mechanic
18. Appendices
19. Schemes of electric equipment



1.1. General information about the car

The car of small middle class Daewoo Lanos (a class C on the international classification) developed on a platform of the Daewoo Nexia car began to be released in Korea since 1997.
The Chevrolet Lanos car of the last generation (T200) is released since December, 2004 on CJSC ZAZ (Ukraine). It represents the restyling version of the Korean Daewoo Lanos car. As a result of restyling on the Chevrolet Lanos car the form of a trunk lid, facing of a radiator and back wings changed. Besides forms of internal handles and upholsteries of side doors, and also a form of back lamps changed.
Since 2006 delivery to Russia of the Chevrolet Lanos cars in three complete sets began: S, SE and SX.
S complete set — basic, with minimum necessary level of equipment, a full-size spare wheel and audiopreparation (loudspeakers, the antenna and all necessary conducting).
In SE complete set in addition install on cars the hydraulic booster of steering and a safety cushion of the driver.
SX complete set, besides listed, includes the conditioner and electrowindow regulators of forward doors.
Installed the four-cylinder petrol injector engines with a working volume of 1,3 and 1,5 l located across a motor compartment on the Daewoo Lanos cars, the SOHC type (with one camshaft and 8 valves), 63 kW (85,7 h.p.) and 1,6 l, 84 kW (106 h.p.), the DOHC type.
The Chevrolet Lanos cars of all complete sets equip with the four-cylinder petrol injector engine with a working volume of 1,5 l located across a motor compartment, the SOHC type (with one camshaft and 8 valves), 63 kW (85,7 h.p.). The engine is developed on the basis of the G15MF (SOHC) engine of the Daewoo Nexia car with a working volume of 1,5 l, but has some constructive differences in systems of ignition and food. In addition for decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases the engine is equipped with system of their recirculation. For performance of norms of Euro-2 on toxicity the system of production of the fulfilled gases is equipped with catalytic converter of the fulfilled gases.
The Daewoo Lanos cars released with three types of bodies: three - both the five-door hatchback and the four-door sedan. Body of the Chevrolet Lanos cars of type four-door sedan.
The seats of the driver and the forward passenger regulated in the longitudinal direction and on a back inclination are equipped with head restraints. The back of a back seat can be cast away forward in parts in a proportion 40:60.
Transmission of cars is executed according to the front-wheel scheme with drives of forward wheels of different length. Cars are equipped with the mechanical five-speed transmission.
Forward suspension bracket like McPherson, independent, spring, with the stabilizer of cross stability, with hydraulic damping racks. A back suspension bracket semi-independent, spring, with hydraulic shock-absorbers.
Brake mechanisms of forward wheels disk, with a floating bracket, back — drum, with the device of automatic adjustment of gaps between brake shoes and drums. The brake system is equipped by the vacuum amplifier and regulators of brake forces in a hydraulic actuator.
Steering is safety, with the steering gear wheel lath mechanism, install on a part of cars the hydraulic amplifier. In a nave of a steering wheel depending on a complete set the frontal inflatable safety cushion can be established.
Part of the released cars equip with window regulators of forward doors with the electric drive.
All cars are equipped with inertial diagonal seat belts for the driver, the forward passenger and extreme passengers on a back seat. For the average passenger on a back seat the zone belt is provided.
The majority of repair transactions of the Chevrolet/Daewoo Lanos cars is shown in this book on the example of the Chevrolet Lanos car in the fullest complete set of SX.

Fig. 1.1. Overall dimensions (mm) of the Chevrolet Lanos car

Overall dimensions of the Chevrolet Lanos car are shown in fig. 1.1, the Daewoo Lanos car – in fig. 1.2 and 1.3. The technical characteristic is given in tab. 1.1.

Fig. 1.2. Overall dimensions (mm) of the Daewoo Lanos car with a body like sedan

Fig. 1.3. Overall dimensions (mm) of the Daewoo Lanos car with a body like hatchback

Fig. 1.4. Podkapotny space of the Chevrolet/Daewoo Lanos car (top view): 1 – thermostat nest cover; 2 – cover of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism; 3 – air filter; 4 – hose of system of ventilation of a case of the engine; 5 – fuel stage; 6 – the airbringing sleeve; 7 – top support of a damping rack; 8 – protective cover of blocks of a plait of wires of a motor compartment; 9 – throttle knot; 10 – the valve of recirculation of the fulfilled gases; 11 – inlet pipe; 12 – fuel pressure regulator; 13 – fuel filter; 14 – the sensor of absolute pressure of air in an inlet pipe; 15 – vacuum amplifier of brakes; 16 – tank of the main brake cylinder; 17 – screen wiper motor-reducer; 18 – broad tank of the cooling system of the engine; 19 – tank of system of the hydraulic amplifier of steering; 20 – assembly block of the relay and safety locks; 21 – bulk mouth of a washer reservoir of a windshield; 22 – rechargeable battery; 23 – ignition coil; 24 – casing of the main electric fan of the cooling system; 25 – stopper of an oil-filling mouth; 26 – working cylinder of a hydraulic actuator of switching off of coupling; 27 – the index (probe) of level of oil in the engine lubrication system; 28 – spark plugs; 29 – engine cooling system radiator; 30 – casing of the additional electric fan of the cooling system; 31 – engine

The elements of cars located in podkapotny space and the main units are shown in fig. 1.4, 1.5, 1.6.

Fig. 1.5. Podkapotny space (bottom view) and main units of the Chevrolet/Daewoo Lanos cars: 1 – right mudguard of the engine; 2 – the conditioner compressor (if it is established); 3 – a reception pipe with the bellow valve; 4 – engine; 5 – oil filter; 6 – transmission; 7 – left forward support of a suspension bracket of the power unit; 8 – windshield washer reservoir; 9 – damping rack of a forward suspension bracket; 10 – brake mechanisms of forward wheels; 11 – rack of the forward stabilizer of cross stability; 12 – lever of a forward suspension bracket; 13 – drive of the left forward wheel; 14 – lower cover of the transmission; 15 – back support of the power unit; 16 – stabilizer of cross stability; 17 – stopper of a masloslivny opening; 18 – drive of the right forward wheel

Fig. 1.6. Main units of the Chevrolet Lanos car (bottom view behind): 1 – brake mechanism of a back wheel; 2 – shock-absorber; 3 – main muffler; 4 – thermoscreen of the main muffler; 5 – towing eye; 6 – coal adsorber of system of catching of vapors of fuel; 7 – spring of a back suspension bracket; 8 – fuel tank; 9 – beam of a back suspension bracket

Table 1.1 Technical characteristic of the Chevrolet/Daewoo Lanos cars

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