Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 release)
1. Car device
1.1. General information about the car
1.2. Passport data
1.3. Car keys
1.4. Governing bodies
1.5. Heating (conditioning) and ventilation of salon
1.6. Doors
1.7. Seat belts
1.8. Seats
1.9. Rear-view mirrors
1.10. Illumination of salon
1.11. Antisolar peaks
1.12. Back ashtray
1.13. Cowl
1.14. Control lever transmission
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in way
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Wheels and tires
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Advice to the beginning mechanic
18. Appendices
19. Schemes of electric equipment

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1.2. Passport data

Fig. 1.8. Identification plate: 1 manufacturer; 2 identification number of the car; 3 volume and type of the engine; 4 national mark of conformity of DSTU 2296; 5 number of approval like the vehicle of Russia; 6 certification mark of conformity; 7 a permissible load on a back axis of the car; 8 a permissible load on a forward axis of the car; 9 the full admissible mass of the car with the trailer; 10 admissible full mass of the car

Identification number (VIN) of the car, engine model, the name of manufacturer, year of release and information on certification are specified in the identification plate (fig. 1.8)
attached by detachable rivets in podkapotny space on a front board partition over the vacuum amplifier.
Besides, identification number of the car is applied with a branding on a board of a motor compartment.

On the Daewoo Lanos car identification number of a body which contains additional information on a body is applied on the plate which is attached to the top part of the forward panel of a motor compartment.

Interpretation of identification number, for example Y6DTF69Y070000000:
Y6D the international code of manufacturer;
TF69Y0 a car model code;
7 code of year of release of the car;
0 code of manufacturer;
000000 serial number of a body.
The model and number of the engine are beaten out on inflow of the block of cylinders over an oil filter near the index of level of oil (for descriptive reasons the index of level of oil is removed).
Interpretation of number of the engine, for example A15SMS 000000B:
A a line arrangement of cylinders of the engine (V V-shaped);
15 engine capacity is 1,5 l;
S a code of the gas-distributing mechanism (S SOHC, 2 valves on the cylinder; M SOHC, 3 valves on cylinder/SOHC, 4 valves on the cylinder; D DOHC, 4 valves on the cylinder; H CIH);
M a power supply system code (M MPI; T TPI; L LPG; With CNG; A alcohol; I \the distributed injection; D direct injection; In the carburetor);
S a code of extent of compression (G8,5; 8,5L <9,0; 9,0N <9,5; 9,5S <10,0; 10,0X <11,5; 11,5Y);
00000 number of the engine;
In location of the assembly plant.

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