Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 release)
1. Car device
1.1. General information about the car
1.2. Passport data
1.3. Car keys
1.4. Governing bodies
1.4.1. Dashboard
1.4.2. Combination of devices
1.5. Heating (conditioning) and ventilation of salon
1.6. Doors
1.7. Seat belts
1.8. Seats
1.9. Rear-view mirrors
1.10. Illumination of salon
1.11. Antisolar peaks
1.12. Back ashtray
1.13. Cowl
1.14. Control lever transmission
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in way
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Wheels and tires
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Advice to the beginning mechanic
18. Appendices
19. Schemes of electric equipment



1.4.1. Dashboard

Fig. 1.7. Dashboard and governing bodies

On the dashboard the following governing bodies and instrumentations are located (see fig. 1.7).
1 regulator of the electroproofreader of light of headlights. Rotation of the handle of the regulator depending on loading of the car change a tilt angle of a beam of light of headlights so that to exclude dazzle of drivers of counter transport. Combination of a tag on the handle of the regulator and figures on a scale provides the corresponding adjustment of provision of headlights at the following options of loading of the car:
0 one driver or the driver and the passenger on a front seat;
1 all places are taken;
2 one driver and freight in a luggage carrier;
3 all places are taken also freight in a luggage carrier.
2 nozzle of an obduv of glass of a door.
3 side nozzle of system of ventilation and heating of salon. Side nozzles are intended for the direction of a stream of air from a heater, the conditioner or system of ventilation. The direction of a stream of air is changed movement of the handle installed in the center of a nozzle (to the right-to the left) or turn of deflectors (up-down).
4 lever of the switch of external lighting and indexes of turn. The lever of the switch can hold the following positions:
I \by turn of the handle around a lever axis consistently choose one of three fixed provisions:
OFF everything is switched off;
dimensional lighting is included;
the passing/driving light is turned on;
II \indexes of the right turn (the fixed situation) are included;
III \indexes of the left turn (the fixed situation) are included;
IV \driving beam of headlights is turned on (the fixed situation, the handle has to be in situation);
V \driving beam of headlights irrespective of position of the handle (unstable situation) is turned on.

Fig. 1.9. Combination of devices

When moving the lever to situation II or III in a combination of devices the control lamp 11 or 6 lights up the blinking light (see fig. 1.9). At return of a steering wheel to provision of the rectilinear movement the lever automatically is installed in a starting position. When changing a lane for inclusion of the index of turn it is enough to press the lever in the direction of situation II or III only until notable resistance, without fixing the lever. At an otpuskaniye the lever will return to a starting position. When finding the lever in situation IV or V in a combination of devices the control lamp 10 lights up.

If the switch (lock) of ignition is in the provision of "LOCK" or "ACC", at the included external lighting at the time of opening of a door of the driver the buzzer reminding of need to switch off lighting will join.

5 steering wheel.
6 a combination of devices (see. "Combination of devices").
7 the switch (lock) of ignition integrated with the anti-theft device is located on the right side of a steering column. The key in the lock can occupy one of four provisions:
LOCK (blocking) ignition is switched off, at the taken-out key the anti-theft device is switched on.
To take a key from the ignition lock, press the key established in the provision of "ASS" (the additional equipment) and, holding it pressed, turn in the provision of "LOCK" (blocking). Take a key from the lock.
For the guaranteed blocking of a shaft of steering turn a steering wheel to the right or to the left before click.
For switching off of the anti-theft device insert a key into the switch of ignition and, slightly turning a steering wheel to the right-to the left, turn a key in the provision of "ASS";

Do not switch off ignition and do not take out a key from the lock during the movement: steering will be blocked and the car will become uncontrollable.

ASS (the additional equipment) ignition is switched off, the key is not taken out, steering is unblocked. Power-supply circuits of a sound signal, external lighting, the alarm system by driving beam of headlights, the radio equipment, lighter, etc. are included;
ON (is included) ignition is included, the key is not taken out, steering is unblocked. Ignition, devices and all electric chains are included;
START (starter) ignition and a starter are included, the key is not taken out, steering is unblocked. This provision of a key unstable, at an otpuskaniye a key under the influence of effort of a spring comes back to the provision of "ON".
8 the lever of the switch of a cleaner and washer of a windshield includes electric chains at the included ignition and can hold the following positions:
OFF the screen wiper is switched off (the fixed situation);
INT is included a faltering operating mode of a screen wiper (the fixed situation). In order that brushes of a screen wiper made one cycle, press the lever towards the provision of "INT" until notable resistance and release the lever;
LO is included the first (low) speed of a screen wiper (the fixed situation);
HI is included the second (high) speed of a screen wiper (the fixed situation);
I \movement of the lever of itself the windshield washer (unstable situation) joins. When pressing the lever after a washer the screen wiper which brushes will make several running cycles automatically will join.
9 switch of a back fog lamp. A fog lamp turn on pressing the switch button at the turned lever handle 4 switches in situation or. By repeated pressing the button the fog lamp is switched off.
10 the regulator of temperature of the air given to salon (see. "Heating (conditioning) and ventilation of salon").

On the Daewoo Lanos car on the central facing the electronic clock with digital indication on the liquid-crystal display is installed. On the front panel of hours buttons of installation and the choice of operating modes are located.

11 central nozzles of system of ventilation and heating of salon. The direction of a stream of air is changed movement of handles to the right-to the left or turn of deflectors up-down.
12 the switch of operating modes of the fan (see. "Heating (conditioning) and ventilation of salon").
13 switch of the alarm system. When pressing a key of the switch all indexes of turn and control lamps corresponding to them established in a combination of devices light up the blinking light. By repeated pressing a key the alarm system is switched-off.

The alarm system works at any provision of a key in the switch (lock) of ignition.

14 the regulator of distribution of streams of the air given to salon (see. "Heating (conditioning) and ventilation of salon").
15 switch of an electrical heating of back glass. When pressing the switch button (a key in the ignition lock in the provision of "ASS") the electrical heating of back glass joins, the control lamp in the button at the same time lights up. By repeated pressing the button heating is switched off and the control lamp dies away.

The heating element consumes very big current. Therefore in order to avoid the excessive category of the rechargeable battery include an electrical heating at the working engine and only for time necessary for elimination of fogging of back glass.
Not to damage heater thread, for cleaning of inside of back glass do not use scrapers and other sharp objects, and also detergents with abrasive substances.

16 ware box. Serves for storage of small things.
For receiving access to a ware box pull for the handle
also open it.
17 the recirculation mode gate lever (see. "Heating (conditioning) and ventilation of salon").
18 a boxing cap under installation of the radio tape recorder.
19 a niche for small objects.
20 sliding coaster. To use a coaster
press its front panel and release the tray partially will go out of the dashboard.
Then completely extend a tray from the dashboard. After use push a tray into place and press it before operation of a clamp.
21 ashtray. For use of an ashtray undertake the handle
also put forward an ashtray from the dashboard.
For cleaning of an ashtray press a clamp and take an ashtray from the dashboard.
22 a control lever the transmission (see. "Control lever transmission").
23 lever of the parking brake. To slow down the car the parking brake, lift the lever against the stop up in a combination of devices the alarm lamp 17 will light up red light (see fig. 1.9).
To rastormozit the car, pull the lever a little up, press the button in an end face of the handle of the lever and lower the lever against the stop down the alarm lamp has to go out.
24 lighter. For use of the lighter press the button of its mobile part (a key in the ignition lock in the provision of "ASS"). After heating of a spiral during 1020 with a mobile part automatically with click will return to a starting position
and the lighter can be taken for use.

The lighter can be turned on repeatedly not earlier than through 20 pages.
Do not hold the lighter forcibly in the pressed situation.
Do not use a cartridge of the lighter for connection of powerful electric devices (the electrocoffee maker and so forth) it can lead to damage of electric equipment of the car.
If the button of the lighter does not come back to a starting position through 30 from later inclusion, take the lighter from the boss not to allow burn-out of a spiral.

25 accelerator pedal.
26 the conditioner switch (see. "Heating (conditioning) and ventilation of salon").
27 brake pedal.
28 coupling pedal.
29 switch of a sound signal. To include a sound signal, press the switch.
30 a cover of the assembly block of safety locks (see. "Assembly blocks").
31 cowl lock drive lever. For opening of a cowl pull the lever on yourself. At the same time the forward edge of a cowl, forming a crack for access to the handle of a safety hook of a cowl rises. Having wrung out it, it is possible to open a cowl.

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