Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 release)
1. Car device
1.1. General information about the car
1.2. Passport data
1.3. Car keys
1.4. Governing bodies
1.5. Heating (conditioning) and ventilation of salon
1.6. Doors
1.7. Seat belts
1.8. Seats
1.8.1. Adjustment of provision of seats
1.8.2. Use of child seats
1.9. Rear-view mirrors
1.10. Illumination of salon
1.11. Antisolar peaks
1.12. Back ashtray
1.13. Cowl
1.14. Control lever transmission
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in way
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Wheels and tires
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Advice to the beginning mechanic
18. Appendices
19. Schemes of electric equipment



1.8.2. Use of child seats

According to requirements of Traffic regulations of children up to 12 years it is necessary to transport in special children's seats.
Information on types of child seats and places in the car on which they can be established, see in tab. 1.2.

At installation of a children's chair on a front passenger seat switch-off the passenger airbag (at its existence). The switch is at the right end face of the dashboard.

Categories 0 and 0 + (to 13 kg)
Up to two years child's neck very fragile. You transport children in the seats of basket type established against the direction of the movement. In this situation the maximum safety is ensured.
Category 1 (9–18 kg)
For transportation of children from 2 to 4 years use the covering seat which allows to support the child by means of a special children's seat belt or a special elastic pillow.
Categories 2 (15–25 kg) and 3 (22–36 kg)
For children 12 years are younger use a children's seat in the form of a pillow with the guides for belts providing sliding of a seat belt on the child's hips without twisting.

Table 1.2 Admissibility of Installation of Child Seats
* The children's seat is established only against the direction of the movement of the car.
"+" – the place is suitable for installation of a seat;
"–" – the place is not suitable for installation of a seat.

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