Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 release)
1. Car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in way
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Wheels and tires
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Advice to the beginning mechanic
17.1. Safety measures when carrying out repair work
17.2. Tools
17.3. Before work
17.4. Restoration of threaded connections
18. Appendices
19. Schemes of electric equipment



17.3. Before work

In order that works on repair or maintenance of the car were carried out most effectively, it is necessary to follow the following simple rules.
1. Put a workplace in order; remove all bolts, nuts and other fine details which remained after the previous repair that at assembly not to mix them.
2. When dismantling knots put details as removal – it will facilitate to you assembly process.

For simplification of the subsequent assembly of difficult knots it makes sense to mark details or their interposition. It is convenient to do it by an indelible felt-tip pen or paint.

3. Put fine details in in advance prepared capacities not to lose them.
4. Before repair carefully study the instruction to the used equipment. Make sure that all tools, necessary for work, are available. During work you hold near at hand the repair manual of your car.
5. When performing complex works attentively think over the sequence of actions. It will facilitate dismantling and assembly, will allow to exclude mistakes.
6. In need of work under the car lay a blanket on a floor or use the podkatny cart.

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17.4. Restoration of threaded connections