Chevrolet Lanos (since 2004 release)
1. Car device
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in way
4. Maintenance
5. Engine
5.1. Features of a design
5.2. Check of a compression in cylinders
5.3. Removal and installation of mudguards of the engine
5.4. Replacement of support of a suspension bracket of the power unit
5.5. Installation of the piston of the first cylinder in the provision of VMT of a step of compression
5.6. Removal, installation and troubleshooting of a flywheel
5.7. Replacement of details of consolidation of the engine
5.8. Head of the block of cylinders
5.9. Removal and installation of the engine
5.10. Repair of the engine
5.11. Lubrication system
5.12. Cooling system
5.13. System of production of the fulfilled gases
5.14. Engine power supply system
5.15. System of catching of vapors of fuel
5.15.1. Features of the device
5.15.2. Removal, installation and valve check of a purge of an adsorber
5.15.3. Removal and installation of an adsorber
5.16. System of recirculation of the fulfilled gases
6. Transmission
7. Running gear
8. Steering
9. Brake system
10. Electric equipment
11. Body
12. Wheels and tires
13. Purchase of spare parts
14. A trip on HUNDRED
15. Winter operation of the car
16. Preparation for checkup
17. Advice to the beginning mechanic
18. Appendices
19. Schemes of electric equipment



5.15.2. Removal, installation and valve check of a purge of an adsorber

You will need the screw-driver with a flat edge.
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
2. Having pressed a plastic clamp, disconnect a block of a plait of wires from the adsorber purge valve.
3. Disconnect the taking-away and bringing hoses from valve unions.
4. Wring out the screw-driver a spring clamp of the valve …
5. … also remove the valve from an arm.

So the electromagnetic valve of a purge of an adsorber removed from the car looks. Pay attention to its marking that when replacing to install the same valve.

6. For valve check attach the medical syringe to the taking-away valve union (it is used as the pump, and the depression supply hose to the valve can use as an adapter for connection of the syringe). Press a syringe plunger — in the valve pressure has to be created (it can be felt on the aspiration of a plunger of the syringe to return to a starting position).
7. Then connect a source of a direct current of 12 V to valve conclusions — the valve has to open, and pressure has to disappear (the syringe plunger without resistance will move against the stop). Otherwise replace the valve.
8. Install the adsorber purge valve as it should be, the return to removal.

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5.15.3. Removal and installation of an adsorber